Learning from the Future

Our Mission & Approach

The Why

The data featured below paints a picture of the current Charlotte landscape.
We learn and lead using the data to drive our conversations.

Our Philosophy

1) We know that systems drive behavior. If we can change the system, we can create a better society for all.
2) We believe in the power of people to create change – and it begins with dialogue and understanding. 
​3) We can only create the change we seek when we come together.

We Need Your Voice

​The unintended consequences of avoiding difficult conversations about race and race relations in the Charlotte community and in communities across the country are becoming more and more apparent.  This is especially true when it comes to issues like social justice, health care, economic mobility and education.  In addition, circumstances like the COVID 19 pandemic have only served to point out and magnify the disconnects in the systemic picture.

While neighborhoods and leaders are clamoring for action, it is clear that every idea, every insight and every action that emerges will have its origins in our willingness to engage in open, honest conversation.

We invite you to become part of the conversation. 

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